2018 Junior Angler of the Year

Overall Junior Angler Leaderboard

Junior Anglers are defined as anglers that have not yet reached their 16th birthday. All points accumulated during the calendar year prior to a Junior Angler reaching their 16th birthday will count for Junior Angler of the Year points.

**A Junior Angler can only win one board. If a Junior has enough points to win the Junior Angler, Lady Angler or Angler of the Year, they must choose which board they want to win. The subsequent boards will fall to the person with the next highest point totals.**

Place Junior Angler Name  Total Points
1st Cannon Smith 150
Joey Larsen
3rd Cade Law 50
For the Overall Junior Leaderboard, Individual Junior Leaderboard points are assigned by the following:
1st Place = 100 points
2nd Place = 50 points
3rd Place = 25 points
** In the event of a points tie between 2 or more Juniors, the Junior that weighed or released a board placed fish first (date) will be assigned 5 points, thus breaking the tie.  If both Juniors caught/released their first board placed fish on the same day the 5 points will  go to largest of the fish weighed and/or greatest number of releases.**