Game Fish Leaderboard

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All claimed fish must have a time dated photo showing clear evidence of the weight & species on a  club issued, club sanctioned  or tournament scale reported within 24 hours of catch via text or email. 
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Game Fish Boat Leaders 

Updated 3/5/19

Place Boat Name  Total Points
1st Walk Thru 220
2nd Cellfish 200
3rd Fratt House 160
4th Another Tangle 120
5th Ms Bonfeld V 100

Game Fish Angler Leaders

Place Angler Name  Total Points
1st Frank Vinning 220
2nd Ryan Worthington 200
3rd Don Frattle 160
4th Jerry Moulton 120
5th Marshall Adkison 100


Game Fish Lady Angler Leaders

Place Lady Angler Name  Total Points
1st Georgette Smith 100


Game Fish Junior Angler Leaders

Place Junior Angler Name  Total Points
All Angler Catches will only be valid if caught on a Bluewater Club Member's Boat that is in good standing.
For the Lady and Junior Game Fish Boards, Individual Game Fish Boards points are assigned by the following:
Highest Finishing Lady/Junior = 100 points
2nd Highest Finishing Lady/Junior = 50 points
3rd Highest Finishing Lady/Junior = 25 points