Trifecta Rules

2021 Bluewater Club Trifecta Rules

2021 Bluewater Club Trifecta will be on Saturday May 22nd, 2021.


Entry Fee: Non-Club Members $350, Current Club Members $300

The Trifecta winner will be determined by the highest total number of points accumulated by placement in selected fish categories of Dolphin, Tuna & Wahoo.  Placement in each category will be determined by heaviest weight. Fish category placement points for weighed fish are assigned by the following values:

1st - 100 points

2nd - 80 points

3rd - 60 points

4th - 40 points

5th - 20 points

All other fish – 10 Points

 Participants can only receive points 1 fish in each category towards their Trifecta points aggregate.  e.g. You can only receive points for 1 Dolphin, 1 Tuna or 1 Wahoo in each category regardless of the size of your 2nd largest fish in each of those categories.

 The Trifecta winner does not have to weigh fish in each category.  It is a point value aggregation only.

 In the event that no participant weighs in multiple categories and the event is tied with the three categories’ 1st place finishers, the largest Dolphin (Winner of the Dolphin Category) will win the Trifecta. 

 Each species category will have a winner and will receive a payout.

 Each category winner will be determined by the heaviest weight of a single fish.

 In the event of category winner or placement tie (exact weight), the tie-breaker will be determined by the earliest fish weighed.

 Check Out: No check out - Fishing begins at 7am. Fishing ends at 4:00 PM.  Any fish hooked after 4:00pm will not count.

 All boats must leave from either the St. Augustine Inlet, Mayport Inlet, or Fernandina Inlet.

There are no fishing boundaries.

 Weigh In: Scales open at 5pm. Scales location will be at Palms Fish Camp located at 6359 Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32226.

 If weighing in by Boat: You MUST be north of the Clapboard Creek Bridge (Heckscher Drive) and checked in by 7pm.

 If weighing by Vehicle: You MUST be in line at the scale location by 7:00 pm.

 All boats regardless of weighing a fish or not MUST check in by text or phone by 7PM.   


Heaviest Fish (Dolphin, Tuna or Wahoo) is a 50/30/20 split. Winners are not restricted to only one placement.  

 Heaviest Dolphin – Winner Take All

 Any Formal Protest must be in writing to the Board of Directors with a $100.00 Non-Refundable check to the Jacksonville Blue Water Club.

 To be in the tournament, you must register online or have all tournament forms completed and all Tournament fees and Calcuttas Paid and turned in by the conclusion of the Captains Meeting on Thursday May 20th at the Palms Fish Camp @7PM.

 All decisions made by the Tournament Director are final